Wednesday, April 30, 2014

For April Giveaway

This is special month which is April giveaway, it is forth month of the year. So I have 4 items for this giveaway. Prize for April Giveaway.

Bio-essence Royal Jelly + ATP trial kit worth RM35.90
Ducky in shower
All this for one winner, are you the one?

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April Top Commentator ends on 30 April,2014 midnight Malaysia time.

Giveaway open to my follower with valid address in Malaysia for postage of prize.

Don't forget that having giveaway too. :D

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Window shopping

So what do you do when you are in the mall? I would check out some outlet so I spotted this cute top. The attraction of handmade beads lead me to try out this top, what do you think of it? RM39 for this top, I didn't purchase as I am just window shopping at the mall.

I pick out the size that I can fit in, yeah this top size 18/20.

The necklace I'm wearing is pink heart necklace.
I wore the pearl drop earrings.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

School bag left outside tuition centre

Next year my toddler be going to Kindergarten, how excited would it be? Well it's no really fun as it would be tough to wake him up. I can never forget my eldest going to kindergarten first year crying in bed, says he's not willing to go etc. It's also time for him to have toilet train for going big project before going to kindergarten, some how my eldest always failed me driving half way we need to turn back because he needs to do big project.

Anyway about school bag left outside tuition centre, it's a tuition centre nearby son's school. It's famous with many children studying there, it's a shop lot type of tuition centre. My friend and I last year headed there, she wanted to request about school holiday activities, the lady didn't invite us in, she also take a look at overall clothing. Yeah, you know it, some people do judge you by what you wear! The lady told us that they only accept all year long student means they don't accept temporary student.

I saw a few times after working hours, the children's school bags would be left outside the tuition centre and nobody look after it. Imagine how dangerous it would be if someone just take a way of the the bags, who is going to be responsible for the lost of school bag and books in bag?! School bags lining up outside of the tuition centre.

I am sure no parent would want to see their child going back to school without their school bag. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Movies for family and kids

Two more week then son will have exam in May, so no plan yet about after exam. Perhaps bring him for movie. As for now the movie that we have a good laugh that you can share with family and friends.

Mr.Peabody and Sherman
A phrase from movie that we can never get out of our head "Smell my victory"
Rio 2
Funny part of movie son always ask me play "high 5"

If you haven't watch Rio 1, go ahead watch it first to find out what type of bird is Blu and how he met Jewel.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Vitagen Healthy Digestion Walk 2014

Whose free on June 22, 2014, it's on Sunday the Vitagen Healthy Digestion Walk 2014. Yeah the registration has start, you can sign up now. Just click on the link.

RM30 for 16 yr old and above per pax
RM30 for 7 yr old to 15 yr old per pax

It will be 6.30 am to 12 noon.

They will be certificate and Vitagen goodie bag plus bib number. Participant will get Walkathon T-Shirt.

Farm In The City Seri Kembangan

Have you been to Farm In The City? It was a Sunday morning, we leave home to go Farm In The City, excited all the way. You may click above post for more photos where we start the adventure of Farm In The City, yeah son so excited to know what's in Farm In The City.
Son and I have so much fun, we catch fishes using net. Who wanna try catch longkang fishes? They have many in longkang but not easy to catch them by net. Look at below bucket, the blue bucket is fishes he caught, he has more than me, I only caught one fish!

 The have a staircase down the farm of vegatables, where we get to see ostrich, pigeon holes, well, scarecrow and cow feeding.
We can put our baby stroller at the side to go down, but my toddler having his milk so just son and me continue our journey! 

Wow the scarecrow looks so real, like a man with hat standing there. Look the pineapples growing there.

We get the chance to feed the cow, yeah this cow named Sheila is very hungry cow. 
 Look at above picture, the young man top left photo, he's ready in hand lots of grass for visitor for cow feeding. A dog is accompany the cow, the dog is supposed to take care the farm in the night.
Ostrich has very long legs, check out their feet! 
I have uploaded intagram video in instagram sherrygo, have a look there.
Look at the cute plant at the standing store in Farm in City.
By the way, they have pony ride, it is RM7 per ride.
 It is very fun and we enjoy it so much thanks to Virtual Malaysia and Farm In The City.

Below more details on Farm In The City, Seri Kembangan.

Located in Seri Kembangan which is around 20 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, Farm In The City is a unique concept that combines the elements of wildlife and nature set in a designed environment of a conservation park. Designed to resemble a typical Malaysian Kampong setting, it provides an opportunity for the young and old to get close to animals and plants which you mostly read about or see on TV.

Being a park that is completely free of cages, all the animals are allowed to roam freely in special enclosures which mimic as closely as possible to their natural surroundings. One can feed, touch and play with the more than 100 species of exotic animals within close proximity.

Spread across the seven acres, the park is divided into several sections which will provide various type of experience for the visitors. Get Up Close and Personal at Turtle & Tortoise Farm, Reptiles Cavern, Bird Aviary, Savannah, Vegetable & Fruits Farm, Pet Village, Mood's Lake, Jungle Walk, Butterfly Garden, Exhibition Hall, Pelican Quay and many others.

Apart from fun filled experience, Farm In The City also executes various educational programs targeted at visitors of all ages which centres around themes of conservation and preservation. It is part of the vision to inform and educate the public on the habitat, behavior and geographical distribution of the animals in the global landscape.

Opening Hours :-
Weekend, School &
Public Holidays
**Closed On Tuesdays Except During Public or School Holidays.
Ticket price as below:
Adult @ RM48.00 Children (above 90cm) @ RM25.00 Senior Citizen (60 y/o and above) @ RM25.00 *Child below 90cm can get free entrance.
Kindly present your MyKad (Malaysian I/C) to get discount rate at RM30 per Adult and RM25 per Child / Senior Citizen.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Laundry shop closed water supply

I saw that a laundry shop near son's school has closed due to no water rationing. The shop roll has two laundry shops, one is closed another still operating. Though water rationing but people still send their cars to wash at petrol station.

We take turn to use water here, water tank runs out of water sometimes. No kidding I had wash my hair but no my body then water stop coming from water tank. I hope there's meter to show how much water supply we have. I mean a meter that we can easily view from outside.

Some friends bought containers at home to avoid water shortage. You know it, without water how are we going to wash children's uniforms and dear's working clothes. Cooking will be difficult without water. Eating out often are costly!

McDelivery Happy Hour Menu 3pm-7pm Everyday

Just now I spotted this so think of ordering for son to eat. Guess what?! After calling the number they said that due to the weather, they are not going to deliver to me. It is not heavy rain here, it just started rain 20 minutes ago.

As you can see each meal above selection cost RM9.95 each. I bet many people calling their numbers to order. I called again to check and guess what?! They said the delivery of the area of mine, they are lack of staff so cannot deliver. It is stated in their system! 

Their website to order is not user friendly, and I got stuck with keying the address. They have no proper way to type at all. It keep asking about building name! So check out what it shown below...

If your address is not listed in the results, try a more general search or an alternate spelling.
For example, to find: 
Jalan Maju 1/12, try Jalan Maju
Palm Ville Resort Condo, try Palm Ville Resort
University, try Universiti
Condominium, try Kondominium, Kondo or Condo 

If your address is still not listed in the results, it may be outside our delivery zone. Please try another address or call McDelivery at 1300-13-1300.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Eat durian in cinema is a NO NO !!

What do you think of someone eating durian in a cinema? I can never forget that as the smell is so strong, dear was asking me is it someone eating durian inside the cinema hall before the movie start? It was the night we watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

It would be proper to eat the durian outside the cinema, that's why no durian allow in Hotel or Aeroplane.

Pen my hair

Yesterday I travel out from home in the afternoon, there's traffic jam ahead. It was police spot check on cars and motorcycles. I was already out of the house, I'm driving half way only realized that I drop my hair clip at home. I didn't want to turn back home, I know I have pen in my backpack. So this is what I used to pen my hair.

You can look at the above image. As long you have a pen or a chop stick, it can be use as hair accessories. So I don't think anyone saw that I put a pen in my hair. Even my son didn't notice it until I let him know about it. Then he wanna look at the back of my hair.

It was a mother and son day's out yesterday.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Scam call on your child calling you for help

This morning I have breakfast with my son's classmate's mom. After that, I head to wait son finished school. Guess what?! A mom was saying to another mom that, there's scam call she received in the morning. There's no number show on the cell phone at all. She says a girl was saying she been kidnap and asking for help, just just like the called ended. She unable to trace back the call, anyway she knows her gal is at school and it doesn't sound like her daughter at all. The gal on phone was saying in Chinese language and obviously it was a young lady sound, she said.

Parents please be aware of this, some parents fall for it by bank in money to the person who said they have the children in hand, they want ransom etc.