Monday, March 2, 2015

CNY Carnival 2015 at MYDIN USJ

Please take note the pictures are not mean for 18 years and below, kids please don't try this at home
Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends and blog followers, if you aren't celebrating I am sure you have enjoy the holidays with family or friends. Last Friday, I was invited to attend the Chinese New Year Carnival 2015 at Mydin Mall USJ, 

It was 3rd Year anniversary of MYDIN MALL USJ too, the day where MYDIN MALL USJ cooperate with SJ ECHO, the local community newspaper of Subang Jaya to work together on the Chinese New Year Carnival 2015. It's a big night where everyone gets to enjoy the live entertainment of fire eaters, drum performances, lion dance and lucky draw for the lucky shoppers of MYDIN MALL USJ. 

The night together with blogger friends and my son to watch the fire eaters. It's nice performance and I manage snap picture above where on of them is blow the fire! 

My blogger friend Elana was one of the lucky audience that got ask to help performers to hold the fire stick. 

As early as 5pm the mall is crowded with people, son and I were excited as we love to watch the firecrackers and lion dance performance. 

This year Chinese New Year 2015 is fall on year of Goat. According to Chinese zodiac, this year on 8th inside the Chinese Calendar is the year where it brings many luck than the previous year. Number eight is a significant number which mean prosperity and wealth in Chinese.

Everyone awaiting to picture with Mamee Monster mascot, hehe.. we too waited for it.
Happy CNY to all my lovely readers and blog followers.

More than 5000 people attended the CNY Carnival 2015 at MYDIN USJ, 
CNY Carnival at MYDIN USJ has been a tradition, MYDIN cooperation with non profit association (NGO) every year without fail to celebrate the big day of Chinese New year because to gather all walks of life, regardless of race and religion. 

photo credit to Mydin FB on the Yee Sang tossing on the stage with VVIP.

CNY Carnival 2015 has been a success, graced by the presence of guests of honour YB Hannah Yeoh, Speaker Dewan Negeri Selangor cum Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Subang Jaya. CNY Carnival 2015, was official in the night where Yee Sang tossing in the night with the VVIP.  

34 old folks from Rumah Bakti Ci Hang Chempaka, Shah Alam, Selangor were invited. They were served Yee Sang too, yeah they have the moment to do Yee Sang toasting together, they received angpao and goodie bags in the night from YB Hannah Yeoh and Datuk Wira (Dr.) Hj. Ameer Ali bin Mydin, Managing Director of Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd.
photo above credit to MYDIN Fb

The night,  I can see many happy faces at the event where shoppers awaiting for lucky draws and activities throughout the night. Lucky session has been split to three session, lucky shopper gets to win TV Sharp LED 60 inch, iphone 6 plusm iphone 6, TV Samsung LED 40 inch, and 2 mini iPad 42g, other attractive prizes namely Samsung Tab, Toshiba fridge, Samsung Home Theatre, Washing Machine, TDK Trek Sound System, Fan Cooler, TDK Earphone, Multi Cooker, Watch, ASUS Fonepad, Fearless Mountain Bicycle, and hampers. 
Photo above credit to Mydin FB. If you want to know who other lucky shopper, read on to find out where to see more updates.

The shoppers in MYDIN Mall USJ, can take part the lucky draw by spending minimum of RM88 in a single receipt, the entries are sent to Information Counter of MYDIN MALL USJ from 19 February 2015 to 3pm on 27 February 2015. 

My son enjoy his Milo drink at CNY Carnival.

The night everyone gets to enjoy variety of food namely Hainan Chicken Rice, Fried Rice, Singapore Fried Bihun, Dim Sum, Asam Laksa, and many more as there were total of 12 stalls at the CNY Carnival 2015. 
The night we enjoy each other company too with blogger friends, Nur Misan, Ayue, and Emily.

Check out my instagram sherrygo video too for some performances I recorded, firecrackers and drum performances.

Thank you MYDIN MALL USJ for inviting us to attend the CNY Carnival 2015.
Haul some products for my family members.

Mydin Mall has been one of my favorite mall, I bought my son's school trolley bags from there too. I also bought groceries and products that my family used from there. 

Check out MYDIN Facebook for their latest update and promotion. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top 5 items must purchase in Lazada

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holiday to my readers and blog followers. I am sure most of you are back to work or back to school. My sons have started schooling since Monday. On Monday, 11 students absent from class, yesterday 5 students absent from class. It's Chinese New Year have you purchase anything for yourself or loved ones?

Being mommy of two boys, I am busy with daily chores not just home but also being driver to my boys. No time to go shopping for myself or for the kids. So online shopping is convenient and easy for me at my cozy home. 

Here's top 5 items must purchase in Lazada, that I would like to purchase for myself and for my boys.
1. WM Flared Maxi Dress (Black)
This Flared Maxi Dress is beautiful, I like black color dress as easy to mix and match for me. 
This is not only black colour but material is chiffon.
Price at RM85 now instead of RM129.

2. Royal Gold- Radiant Foundation (with refill)

Since its founding, Pure Gold has been obsessed with 99.9% pure gold for over forty years.

Anti-aging foundation with 24k pure gold particles for a perfect complexion.
Enriched with anti-aging ingredients and pure gold particles the skin appears smoother, firmer and more radiant.
It's gives natural looking, skin matching color and excellent coverage.
This product is directly shipped from Korea.

Price at RM81.90 now instead of RM200.74

3. Ben 10 Kids Laptop (20 activities English Learner machine)

I find this suitable for my toddler as he has interest in learning more English, this machine can help him in learn Alphabets, learn words, learn numbers, learn musical notes play melodies and play games.

Price at RM39 now instead of RM150

4. Disney Mickey Back to School Pre School trolley set

It comes with Disney Mickey Preschool Trolley Bag
Disney Mickey pencil box
Disney Mickey 700ml bottle

Price at RM125 now instead of RM219.90

5. Despciable Me Back to school separable trolley backpack school bag

This school trolley bag comes with a free pencil box.
The bag and trolley can be separate.
I like the adjustable straps, can be adjusted for a personalized fit, and padded shoulder straps make the bag comfortable to wear size.
Price at RM88 now instead of RM188. 

Total amount I will be spend on the Top 5 items above it would be RM419.90 instead of RM887.64. Look how much I have save from online shopping at Lazada, you can too shop for your loved ones. Check out Lazada website for their sales and latest items.

I choose school trolley bags because it's easy for kids to use the trolley bags, since their bags are heavy with school books and exercise books. It is common now to see most kids in primary school are using school trolley bags. My son is studying Standard 3 this year, his school bag is very heavy and we worry of the weight of the bag with books will injury his back that's why we choose to purchase school trolley bag for him. It's important having a spare school trolley bag as one broken there will be a replacement for it.

You can check out the products at Lazada This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCoupons. Lazada voucher sponsored by Lazada Malaysia.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Is it necessary to bathe newborn baby everyday?

Babies need to be kept clean, but frequent baths or over-cleaning can damage a new-born’s delicate skin. To properly care for your baby’s skin first you must understand some facts about your baby’s skin.
Many parents often wonder, how often should I bathe my baby? Do I really need to give him regular baths? How many times should I bathe my baby? How do I know if my baby is clean enough?
Baby’s skin is 30% thinner than adult skin, with a barrier function that is still thin and weak. This barrier function, which continues to develop during their first 12 months helps to protect the skin against harsh environmental elements like the sun and wind, but this barrier function can be disrupted by harsh soaps and cleansers. Although your baby’s skin is naturally more hydrated than yours in the first 12 months of life and it may seem visibly hydrated and soft even after cleansing, your baby’s skin actually loses moisture very easily. To prevent moisture loss from baby’s skin it needs proper care so that the barrier function remains healthy.
In the first days of your baby’s life, gentle care and hygiene are very important to protect your new-born’s delicate skin. Naturally, every parent wants the best for their baby and do not want to do anything that might lead to common skin troubles. However, there are some parents who go to the extreme and refuse to use any kind of cleanser at all, while others take the opposite view by insisting that their child is kept clean at all times, even if it means bathing them several times a day.
“As a general rule, babies can be bathed once or twice a day”; says paediatrician Dr. Foo Chee Hoe. This excludes regular cleansing between diaper changes and keeping their mouth and hands clean throughout the day. Despite our warm weather, avoid giving frequent baths so that your new-born’s delicate skin is able to maintain its natural moisture and pH balance. Most importantly, remember to use products that are clinically proven to be safe, mild and effective for babies.”
Here are some simple Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind for baby’s bath time:
  • Prepare what you need in advance.
  • Test the water temperature before putting baby in. Use a bath thermometer to check for atemperature of 37 degrees. If you don’t have a thermometer, dip your whole elbow into the water to test that it is not too hot or too cold.
  • Keep it simple. All you need is a bath with warm water, a mild and gentle baby cleanser and a fresh towel, as well as a calm and safe space to undress and later dress your baby. If your baby is still very small, a small basin placed on a flat, stable surface such as a countertop may be easier for bathing your new-born rather than a full-sized baby bathtub. When using a baby bathtub, use a rubber mat to prevent baby from sliding.
  • Stay calm. Your baby’s temperament will often reflect your own mood. Enjoy the bath time experience because every bath time can be a special moment to help a mother and her baby develop a stronger and deeper bond. To maximise the benefits, create a soothing ritual out of bath times; choose a time when you’re least likely to be interrupted, in between feeds so that he is neither full nor hungry, and use the time to interact fully with your child, without rushing.
  • Give your full attention to your baby; distractions like the telephone ringing will just have to wait.
  • Don’t leave your baby unattended even for a moment, regardless of whether he is in the tub or on the changing mat. Taking your attention away from your baby even for a second can affect his safety and well-being.
  • Don’t use any kind of skincare or products that is not specifically formulated for babies as may contain ingredients that are too harsh for baby’s delicate skin, leaving it dry or irritated.
Baby Skincare Essentials
Choosing the right skincare for your baby is very important, as the right skincare regimen will help protect your baby’s skin health and early development. While there are a great variety of options available, it’s important to use a trusted and established brand, with a long history of safe and trusted products. The ideal cleanser for babies is one that safely and mildly cleanses without drying your baby’s skin. It does not cause irritation or inflammation, and respects baby’s sensitive skin barrier by maintaining the skin’s natural pH level. As harsh soaps and cleansers can damage the skin barrier, causing the skin to lose its natural moisture and making the skin more vulnerable to irritants, it’s essential to choose products that are specially formulated for babies, which are hypoallergenic and clinically proven to be mild and gentle.
Dr. Foo Chee Hoe is the co-founder of This feature is an educational initiative by, with support from Johnson’s Baby. For more information, visit

As you can read above article that baby skin is 30% thinner than adult's skin. Baby is like us, he/she will feel sticky and sweaty in different environment. 
I recalled my mom-in-law helping me with my confinement and she is one that in charge to bath my baby. My son was bath everyday,  he was sweaty and feeling uneasy before his bath.  It's important to check water temperature, if you are using baby bath tub, you can use your elbow to test the water. Don't let the water be too hot or too cold.
You can read more on the tips above. 

Time fly, look at my son, he is going to be 4 years old this coming June, I am so excited. I recalled he was just a newborn baby, I had c-section in labor.

Newly furnished baby room LG1 in Sunway Pyramid

Have you finish shopping for Chinese New Year? I have started and taking time to finish, today I have time and head on to Sunway Pyramid with my son after school. It's my son 9 years old birthday, I brought him to dine in Johnny Rocker at Sunway Pyramid.

Then we decided to check out the baby room at LG1. 

I was a breastfeeding mom so I know it's important to find a breastfeeding room in mall. 
You can find the baby room with two breastfeeding rooms, it's located at LG1 next to Bonita.
When I was there, a room was occupied, it's not closed proper as a mommy with her child and her family member were together in the room. 
Me being model sitting in the room, breastfeeding is the best for baby.
My sons were breastfeed by me, I breastfeed my eldest son for 3 and half years, breastfeed my 2nd son for almost 2 years.

You can park your baby stroller or baby pram outside the room. You can try to see if the baby stroller can fit in the room?

You can change your baby diaper in this baby room, they have diaper bag under the changing table. 
 There are three mirrors in this room, a sink.

You can also add hot or cold water to your tumbler at the machine.
 Look at the baby change table at the bottom picture, it is big and comfortable for babies to have their diaper change. Don't forget to throw your baby dirty diaper in the diaper bag provided by Sunway Pyramid.
Breastfeeding mom can find comfort now to breastfeed their baby in Baby Room. 

My friends always go Sunway Pyramid for shopping with her baby and family. Now I am sure she will enjoy the baby friendly room in LG1, Sunway Pyramid. 

Mommies who are breastfeeding baby, can find this Baby Room. Now you can enjoy shopping in Sunway Pyramid as you know where to find the Baby Room. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

CNY Holiday & Festivities at KidZania Kuala Lumpur

Are you planning anything to do on this Chinese New Year, it's school holiday a week from next Tuesday. You can start planning if you haven't got plan with your children.

My son loves to go Kidzania, so many fun jobs he can try but still he is afraid of height.
KidZania Kuala Lumpur, the award-winning edutainment centre boosts its activity line-up with a variety of Chinese New Year festive and cultural fun. 
Now you can check out KidZania for experience new seasonal establishment activities, a special Chinese New Year calligraphy master class, calligraphy contest and much more.

Don't forget to join their Chinese Calligraphy Contest. 

Master Wong in Chinese Calligraphy Class

Lunar New Year themed activities at KidZania Kuala Lumpur include creating Chinese New Year paper fans at the STABILO Arts & Crafts Studio, Chinese New Year themed art at the Painting School, creating goat/sheep charm bracelets at the KaratZ Jewelry Store, designing a notebook cover at the DELL Notebook Factory, themed wallpaper on the mobile phones at SOX Mobile Phone Zone, writing an article on Lunar New Year happenings at the New Straits Times Press News Room, making song dedications at Radio Station and much more.

Beautiful merchandise awaiting you at KidZania Kuala Lumpur, I have bought one for my son and he loves it. 

KidZania Kuala Lumpur is holding a calligraphy contest in order for calligraphers young and old to further hone their skills in the ancient art. The contest is divided into three age categories, which are offered to children aged between 7-12 years old (Category A), teenagers aged 13-17 years old (Category B), and adults 18 years and above (Category C). Held in park for visitors, the contest preliminary round will take place from February 7 until February 15.

Finalists from all three catogories will be selected to attend the grand final on February 28 where they will have recreate their submission under the watchful eye of Master Wong and a panel of appointed judges. The winners will stand to win prizes consisting of KidZania Kuala Lumpur tickets and merchandises.

This season is also cause for a dual celebrations as KidZania celebrates not only the Lunar New Year but also KidZania Kuala Lumpur's 3rd Anniversary. The anniversary celebration, set to excite on February 28, will boast a spectacular lion dance, special performances and tons of other fun surprises.

For more info, you can check out KidZania Kuala Lumpur Facebook.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Permanent Laser Removal

As tattooing has become more popular, so has tattoo removal. While they are meant to be permanent tattoo removal has made this less true than it once was. The most recent method for tattoo removal is by laser, which has meant that it is no longer necessary to use surgical or other invasive procedures to cut or scrape the tattoo out of the body. Accordingly, the laser method will generally cause less damage to the skin in the area, and therefore result in less scarring. 

Tataway are specialists in laser removal. Removal is all they do, and they have dedicated themselves to making your removal experience go as smoothly as possible. They have also recently gotten the PicoSure laser which is the fastest laser available for tattoo removal. 

They have locations in Boston and New York to serve both cities and the regions around them. For more information about their New York location, go to

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Scott’s® Momazing moments

Hi Sherry, congratulations for being one of the top 100 submissions who will be receiving a Scotts® hamper.
Please expect a call from our Scotts® Malaysia.

If you have been following me on Facebook Sherry Go, you'll find that I have share with you as above about the Scotts momazing moments. It's a contest too, that every child can participate, for more info check out Scotts Malaysia Facebook.

I am not sure how many entries they have received.

If you haven't read my blog post, Scott’s® Momazing moments kindly click on the read to read more.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shopping at Kids Gallery, ONE CITY USJ25

Sharing with you the post on Kids Gallery, opened in One City at USJ25. Yes, it's big kid's departmental store that I bet your kids won't be bore shopping. Check out my post on namesherry for the big snakes ladders that kids will like to play. 

 Many choices on clothing and school bags, yeah Big Hero 6 school bags are available there.
My haul below for my sons, as they are boys I can't anything girl items for them. 
I bought my son a Big Hero 6 wallet because he likes Big Hero 6 movie. 

 The Kids Gallery has 30 brands that not just popular but are affordable and of quality.
There are shoes for children, which I didn't take any picture. 

Don't just read here, if you have time head to the Kids Gallery to see it for yourself. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

First week of school & kindergarten

My toddler is attending Kindergarten and it's his first week. Sadly today he cried so much when he refuses to go. My dear and I have tried out best to persuade him.

Now my toddler with a habit of changing his Kindergarten uniform only in the car. It also depends on his mood whether he wants to get down from the car or not. It's not easy as my toddler is not well in speech but he is picking up step by step. He is slow speaker just like his brother. It takes time for him to talk, my big boy started talking more when he's 4 yrs old.

It's important to get the children sleep early but it's not going to be easy. Seem my big boy has comes up with terms and conditions when I ask him to do revision on studies. Standard Three this year is going to be a tough year for him as he's weak in BM (Malay) and BC (Chinese). I would say the writing will be tough as he doesn't know many words.

I was told by friend the other school, sons's classmate transferred there in Putra Height. The principle ask the parent to transfer their children because they didn't know Chinese language. I am shocked to know of that, aren't children suppose to be given chance to try before asking them to give up? She told me that her friend's with twin children started Standard One there, the principle was happy when her friend decided to transfer her children to other school.

My son is not good with some subjects so he's going to tuition, even his classmate. I am surprise that even high score students are going to tuition as well. That's why tuition center are depending on children's results to see if they are willing to teach the student or not. Don't be surprise if you find tuition center that like to teach students with good grades as easier for them to pick up.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

KidZania Pazzport for children

This is my son's KidZania Pazzport, he loves it. 
This Pazzport he can used until he is 17 years old.
We only pay RM30 registration, it's one time payment.
This Pazzport is for him to use as CitiZen for KidZania.
Benefits of using this pazzport:
- Earn/save 2 extra kidZos for every activity
- 5 kidZo discount on redemption items at department store
- 5% off on merchandise at the National Store.

The Pazzport office is located near to Cadbury Dairy Milk Factory establishment!
No doubt my son is proud to be BKIDZANIAN!

Many kids haven't sign up for this Pazzport, so if you are often playing in KidZania why not take this chance to sign up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Antabax & Hospital Sg Buloh Introduce The ABCs of Back-To-School Health For Better Hygiene Habits Among Students

This afternoon I attended the  jointly launched by Antabax and Hospital Sg Buloh has a simple life lesson for everyone to learn for their hygiene, health and happiness, which is to Always Be Clean (ABC). Being mommy of two boys, I know that it's important to keep our children hygiene and safe. This is meaning health campaign, continue read on to find out. 

The ABC of Back-To-School Health campaign that was launched at Hospital Sg Buloh, here today aims to inculcate better hygiene habits among Year One students by teaching them the basics of good hand hygiene, and giving them role models in the form of older students from Kelab Dr Muda to model their behavior on.

The ABCs of Back-To-School Health campaign will benefit three school in the Sungai Buloh area namely SK Bandar Baru Sg Buloh, SK Sg Buloh, SK Bkt Rahman Putra, equipping more than 3,000 students with the basics of hygiene that can be among the most effective methods to prevent the spread of communicable diseases that are spread via unclean hands.

Present at the campaign launch were The Director of Hospital Sungai Buloh, Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim and Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, Group Product Manager, Household & Personal Care, Marketing Division, Ms Angeline Sim, above is a photo of her. 

Above is the Director of Hospital Sungai Buloh, Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim. He said that while the hospital is a national center of excellence, it is very much a part of the local community and is focused on programs that will improve health outcomes.

More than 200 students and teachers from participating schools, parents and hospital staff joined the launch where they learned the importance of hygiene in a fun, interactive session that was research-based yet easy to understand.

In light of the flooding in the East Coast, Perak and Johor, the need for good hygiene practices among children and adults is even more important as a preventive measure to reduce the spread of communicable air and water-borne diseases. The current cooler weather due to cold north-easterly winds may also contribute to a rise in incidence of the common cold.

Antabax, a proudly Malaysian antibacterial personal care range has been actively championing hygiene and health through innovative education, awareness and training programmes. The brand collaborates closely with Hospital Sungai Buloh, a noted center of excellence for the prevention and treatment of communicable diseases in Malaysia in developing campaigns that are timely and relevant to current health issues facing the nation.

The ABC (Always Be Clean) of Back-to-School Health was developed in response to the situation at flood relief centers, and as a way to help kindergarteners transition to the more independent lifestyle of primary school.

Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, Group Product Manager, Household & Personal Care, Marketing Division, Ms Angeline Sim, explained that the urgent need to reinforce hand washing habits to prevent the spread of communicable diseases such as influenza and diarrhea was apparent
from the situation at flood relief centers which were often housed in schools.

Above photo of staffs if Sg. Buloh Hospital teaching step by step of hand was technique. Total of seven steps hand wash technique. 
I am happy to attended this informative talk on hand hygiene, a workshop and demonstration of correct hand hygiene practices including the seven-step hand wash technique and the four-step hand sanitizing method, a coloring contest, the appearance of the Antabax mascot, Germbuster, a hand-hygiene dance by staff from the hospital and the distribution of Antabax gift boxes for children and their mothers.
Above is the Antabax mascot, Germbuster. 
I have some video in instagram sherrygo that you can check out.
click above video to find out which has the seven-step hand wash technique. 

 (From L to R) Director of Hospital Sungai Buloh, Dr. Khalid Ibrahim, Antabax Mascot GermBuster & Group Product Manager, Personal Care & Household, Marketing Division, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, Ms Angeline Sim with students from SK Bandar Baru Sg Buloh,  SK Sg Buloh and SK Bkt Rahman Putra.

(From L to R) Director Of Hospital Sg Buloh, Dr. Khalid Ibrahim, & Group Product Manager, Personal Care & Household, Marketing Division, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd Ms Angeline Sim, introducing Antabax care kit specially design for students and parents.

The Antabax gift boxes are given to children to gift to their mothers. Learning about hygiene at school alone, and at events such as this is not enough without the support of parents. It's a nice gift box because it says for my mommy, special made for my beloved mom! Hope that you are happy accepting this special gift from me.

It contains a Antabax instant hand sanitizer 50ml, and a pack antabax antibacterial cleansing wipes.
 Inside the box contain a gift box for mommy, yellow message as refer above words I highlighted.
In the gift box for mommy, it has two Antabax shower cream 35ml.

above is how it's looks like the gift box contains of. I asked my son to be model of holding the gift box. 

Untuk ibuku.. 
Khas buat ibu tersayang!
Diharapkan ibu akan gembira menerima hadiah istimewa dariku ini! 

Ms Angeline Sim and Dr. Khalid Ibrahim with students showing the Antabax care kit.

ABCs which means Always Be Clean, it easy simple to remember. So mom and dad don't forget play an active role in teaching good hygiene to children so that it would be a habit.