Sunday, July 26, 2015

First Caller to win Fantastic Four movie passes

It's been a while since I last watch a movie with loved ones, I think I saw a movie few weeks back it was a Malay movie named "Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit".

This morning while waiting my son from kindergarten, I heard the radio station FM says be first caller through now to get chance to win movie passes to watch Fantastic Four. Wait no more, I find the number on my phone which I saved. I am first caller through and Linora DJ says just answer a simple question to win.

I didn't know where is the movie will be screening in which cinema or how many movie tickets I have won. So I just need to wait for their call or SMS to find out. It's been sometimes since I last won movie passes from MIX FM.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's not baby bump just layered of fats

Tomorrow back to school, so mommies are you ready to get start with school tomorrow? Yeah sending children to school then fetching them back or sending them to next destination maybe tuition or other activities. I have friends with schedule plan for their children. As for me, I have too as my son is poor in some subjects in school. He needs to attend tuition center to learn and get knowledge though I can try teaching him but bad news is he's not listening and it takes longer time to do. I saw his books and exercises, it's all getting tougher and harder which gives me out of hands to teach. I can't even read some words which printed in mandarin. Though we know the exam and studies are getting harder and tougher, we not giving up yet, but some parents have choose to transfer their child to another school. Some of them can fork out money for private or international school, but we can't afford so we prefer to continue this school. He knows he's poor in few subjects and he has no interest of changing school, he says he would try his best.

Anyway I put up the title up baby bump as many people even relatives think that I am expecting again. Oh well, I am not it's just layered of fats I am gaining. Yeah gaining weight for me is easy and losing weight is tough for me.

It's fifth day of Hari Raya today, we just stay at home beside sending son to tuition. My dear starts work tomorrow as he took leaves to rest at home. This coming Thursday my dad will have his right eye's laser. My dad told me it cost RM3200 each time laser, it's a cost for health and better eye sight. He's already have high blood pressure for many years, now he's also taking medicines of diabetes and high cholesterol. Is it due to aging? He is 70 years old this coming December.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tomorrow dad admission for eyes laser vision

Tomorrow morning as early as 7am my bro will send my dad to hospital in Sungai Long as my dad needs to have his eyes laser. He's been complaining of eyes pain and he found out that he had diabetes when he was in Kajang Hospital admission few days due to dengue fever. He is only going home in the evening after the laser.

I don't know the details as I am not in Mahkota Cheras with him. My dad says the doctor that in charge has an clinic in Subang USJ, Subang Jaya. I am not sure of this as I ask him of the doctor name but he didn't tell me anything about it. I noticed his eyes for sometimes and I knew something is not right but didn't know that he got diabetes. My mom is worry of him too, so she's always calling him to ask.

Tomorrow, son has tuition because he's poor in BM so tuition teacher is concerns of him so ask him to go tuition. He's not alone as other children that tuition together is going to tuition if they are not going back hometown or anywhere for holiday.

Not forgetting to wish my readers and followers who are celebrating Hari Raya.

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

UPSR Exam 8 September to 10 September

I received a notice from school that the UPSR exam is on 8 September to 10 September. The trial exam for USPR for the school is on 11 August to 13 August 2015.

My friend's son has just finish the July exam but not for my son. He haven't exam for this July, so he still have time for revision.

For next year Standard 1 students, parents can check out from 3 August to 28 August whether their child has selected to go the school they selected or not. Most children aged of 6 years old has taken the test last month in school.

Well here comes the news when to collection of record cards of children. Selected students which has weak results will receive a letter from school to meet with teachers for further discussion. Selected students, the parents need to go to school on 31 July at 10 am in the morning.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Road accidents during festive season

It's festive season, so everyone do drive safe and don't speed. This morning I on way to go pick up my son from tuition centre and I saw it's a long queue of cars at traffic light. I saw two cars in terrible condition, one car without air bag and windscreen is badly damage. An ambulance has come to pick up the injury driver to hospital. Two cars collision near the traffic light of USJ 5 and USJ 4.

In another accident, a blogger friend of mine had a minor injury too but his car accidents was last night. A motorcycle speeding and hit pedestrian then hitting his car.

Talking about road accidents, I have to decline some invitation for food review. One of the reasons is the venue is far away from me, I need to drive in the night so that's a bad idea because waze app always bring me a long way home and I often get lost. No doubt without waze app, I maybe more lost.

There was an event I attended in Kuala Lumpur, it was over at 6 pm then heavy traffic jam plus rain for me to get home. I reached home at 8pm in the night, 2 hours of traffic jam and holding your pee which is serious as federal highway doesn't have any stop for toilet break.

Oh well, let's get back to road safety yeah, drive safe and always check your car headlights and tail lights make sure everything is working.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First World Hotel Tower 2 Annex Room, Genting Highlands

Good afternoon, how's everyone doing? It's July, early half of year 2015 passed. Have you tried dining at Rajawali Coffee House? I blogged about the Ramadhan buffet dinner, you can click to read.
It was early morning I arrived at First World Hotel, Genting Highland. The friendly staff of First World Hotel, introducing us on how to use the Express Self Check-in Kiosk. 
It's a touch screen machine that you can select language of Chinese or English to begin. This system comes with duo language, allows check-in within few minutes.

I like going to Genting Highland for the mountain air, Resorts World Genting is set to be the largest integrated resort in the region. They have new features offers from accommodation to entertainment to F&B.

Combining Tower 1, Tower 2 and now Tower 2 Annex, check-in is made more efficient with the E-Kiosk self check-in system. You can find this E-Kiosk available because they are 29 units of E-Kiosk out of which 23 units are located at Tower 1 lobby and six units at Tower 2Annex lobby.

We used the E-Kiosk at Tower 2Annex lobby during the check out on next day.
Checking out is made easy with Check-out E-Kiosk, there are 15 units located at Tower 1 and Tower 2 and four units at Tower 2Annex. 

Some friends who have been there would know about this as they have pre-paid advance booking can check-in via E-Kiosk by using their membership cards, MyKad or Passport.

Not far from the E-Kiosk machine you can find the Terminal 2 Cafe, it is located in the lobby of Tower 2A. Terminal 2 Cafe features freshly baked pastries, soups, snacks and beverages from 7.30pm to midnight. For traveler who needs wi-fi check find that they have complimentary wi-fi, they have 48 seats for those who want to dine in. 

Here's my room in First World Tower 2 Annex Room, located at 21st Floor, room number 21864.
You can put your travel kit if you have shampoo or body gel in travel size.
Look above picture on the left has the 3-in-1 liquid soap. On the right picture is to show you there's a space there for putting the travel size shampoo or body gel of your own.

The new annex makes better use of space, compared to the initial two towers of First World Hotel.
The separate standing shower and toilet that comes with 3-in-1 liquid soap, shower cap, sanitary bag and bar soap.

Frosted lime green glass walls acts as divider between the toilet, shower and sink. There's a hair dyer in the room.
The above mini sink is inside the toilet.

This is Tower 2Annex room, you are looking at the XYZ Deluxe room.
My room XYZ Deluxe room comes with two single beds, other XYZ Deluxe room may come with just one queen bed.

Designed to be functional but yet chic, its suitable for guest of two to three people.
If everyone likes to do something different at the same time for example brush teeth,
take a shower, going to use the toilet. 
The room has the wooden floor, warm sand colour. The rooms with a open hanging cupboard provides good storage space. I hang the jackets there during my stay.

Being Malaysian, I am sure nobody can lives without refreshments. There's kettle with tea and cofee-making facilities in the room. 
The room has a 32" flat screen television with in-house and local channels, telephone, mini fridge that we used to put our water bottle. A large laptop-sized in-room safe that my dear used to put his laptop, I also share this safe with him putting my skincare product inside. With international socket and USB powered lan access point you can find the ease to charge your phone.

Last year in November we book stay First World Hotel rooms, the room with connecting room Superior Deluxe Room, in Tower 2

We also tour the World Club Room during our stay at First World Hotel. 
This World Club Room is spacious, the toilet is standing shower.
The room looks new because it has been refurnished. 

Here's another World Club Room, it is located in Tower 2, the room is smaller but checkout the size of the toilet.
There are bath tub and standing shower available.
Now you know the difference of two World Club Room, which is your favourite?
This World Club Room in Tower 2, with not just a bath tub also a standing shower.
The Tower 2Annex has altogether 1286 rooms, the new rooms with new names such as XYZ Deluxe and XYZ Triple. XYZ Triple offers one single bed and one queen bed. This room is ideal for big family as you can see there's a connecting room, you can request extra room for your family.

For your info, the First World Tower 2 Annex has undergone about one-and-a-half years of planning and renovations at the cost of RM300 million. That's why now everyone can enjoy a trendy and chic three-star hotel.

Phase One of the extension opened with 412 rooms and the balance of 874 is targeted to open soon, bringing the total to 1,286 rooms. The overall number of rooms at the hotel will ultimately be 7,351 - making it one of the largest hotels in the world.
My sons do enjoy themselves look at the delicious food they have.

Do you want to know where we have Ramadhan dinner in the evening? We sit the bus from First World Hotel to Awana Genting, we dine at Rajawali Coffee House, click the link to read more.

Don't forget that the outdoor 20th Century Fox World Theme Park will open in 2016.  We are excited about it, by the way my son is the kid blogger of Resorts World Genting, he has done his blog post on First World Hotel, Tower 2 Annex Room Review, click on the link to read about his post. Thank you.

For more information, you can visit

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ramadhan dinner buffet at Rajawali Restaurant, Awana Hotel Genting Highland

Last Saturday, it was a fun event with kids blogger and blogger to attend Ramadhan dinner buffet at Rajawali Restaurant, Awana Hotel. We arrived Awana Hotel by bus, it was happy moment for my youngest son as it's his first time to sit bus. 

It's Ramadhan dinner where everyone can enjoy the buka puasa with family or friends. The Rajawali restaurant with offer more than 100 scrumptious spreads. 
Break Fast at the Rajawali bazaar Ramadhan “Streets”, featuring a full buffet spread created by their own Rajawali team. 
Kambing Bakar Ahmad Rosnie
  • Australian Roast Lamb, Homemade Black Pepper Sauce & Mint Sauce

Rajawali Restaurant or Rajawali Coffee House, HALAL CERTIFIED
Dining here and relaxing in the fresh mountain air and the view of highlands.

With my son, he is one of the Resorts World Kid Blogger.

It's dinner time for me to enjoy myself with blogger friends and family. The drink I have in the night is Tongkat Ali coffee.  
Lining up of chill drinks awaiting you to choose. It's a buffet dinner so you can always choose to drink more than one type of drinks serve at buffet at Rajawali Restaurant.
Minuman Segar Bugar/Chilled Drinks
  • Sirap Bandung, Sirap Selasih, Orange, Laici Kang, Sarsi, La Menet Botol, Soya, Mata Kucing
  • Teh Tarik, Kopi Jantan

Lychee is available at fruits counter, papaya, water melon, pineapple and many more.
My son enjoys eating sausages then ice cream. 

The Saturday night where everyone's enjoying their meal and even children queuing up for satay. It's yummy and variety of food to choose from. 
Ya Ali Goreng Goreng
  • Goreng Pisang Tanduk, Keledek, Karipap, Cekodok Pisang, Cucur Udang, Ubi Keledek, Sukun, Cempedak & Cha Koy
Lok-Lok that's favourite among the Malaysian, I am sure nobody can resists them. 
Abe Klate Corner
  • Soup Gear Box “Lambreta”, Perut, Daging, Ayam

Served with roti banggali
  • Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Tumpang

Hot Soup Pot
  • Mushroom Soup, Tomato Soup, Potato Soup
  • Assorted Fresh Baguette, Rolls & Healthy Bread

Kebabs Pak Arab
  • Chicken, Lamb, Beef with Vegetables Raitha in Tortilla or Pita Bread
  • Roti John with Beef, Chicken or Sardines filling
Gerai Satay Osman Jelani
  • Varieties of satay ie Hati, Perut, Ayam, Daging, Kambing
  • Otak Otak
  • Rice Cake, Cucumber, Bombay Onion, Sweet Chilly Sate Sauce
Uncle Cho & Ipoh Counter
  • Ipoh Curry Mee, Char Koay Teow, Nasi Ayam, Nasi Itik with condiments
  • Lok lok with condiments
Are you hungry seeing these food? 
Directly on the Ice
  • Assorted seafood, oyster, mussel, scallop, crabs
  • Sauces - Thai, Tabasco, Lemon Wedges

Bubur Lambuk Lambak
  • Spring Onion, Fried Shallot, Prawn, Chicken, Minced Beef, Salted Radish, Anchovies, Chillip Padi Kicap, Ginger, Daun Sup, Garlic Oil, Chili Flakes, Serunding Kelapa, Serunding Ayam, Serunding Daging

Bubur Penambah Rase
  • Bubur Kacang Hijau Bersama During Kampong, Bubur Cha-Cha Nyonya Melaka, Pengat Pisang Raja
below photos credit to Facebook Resorts World Genting
Variety of choice on kuih muih, kuih Raya that you'll like to try.
Kak Nor Ratu Kueh
  • Kueh Lapis, Lapis Pelangi, Lapis Koko
  • Kueh Talam, Talam Keladi, Talam Nyonya, Talam Sagu
  • Kueh Bakar Pandan, Bakar Labu
  • Kueh Pandan, Lompang, Kasui, Ondeh-Ondeh, Seri Muka, Lodeh, Lepat Pisang, Lepat Liat, Dagai, Cara Manis, Cara Berlauk, Putri Mandi, Putri Ayu, gula Hangus, Pulut Udang, Akok, Lompang Warna Warni, Santan Taro, Pulut Dakap, Kiole Kacang, Kacang Merah, Kacang Hijau, Lompat Tikam, Badak Berendam, Sago Merah, Jagung, Ketayap, Bunga Tanjung, Tepong Pelita, Tepong Talam, Tepong Bungkus
  • Bingka Ubi Kaya, Bingka Pandan, Bingka Gandum, BIngka Beras

Manje Ikan Bakar
  • Kembung, Jenahak, Siakap, Kerapu, Keli, Haruan, Haruan Tasik, Tenggiri, Terubuk, Puyu, , Patin, Sepat, tongkol, Cencaru, Tuka, Kerisi, Gelama, Belut & Tilapia
  • Sauces

Arab Street
  • Imported & local kurma

Cold Kitchen
  • Aneka Ulam Ulam with Condiments, Aneka Kerabu, Western Salad, Tauhu Sumbat
  • Rojak Buah
  • Pasembor

Anne Gopal Sappede
  • Aneka Murtabak, Roti Canai, Roti Telur, Puree, Chappati, Dhosai, Idli
  • Condiments - Parpu Masalah, Tengga Chutney, Tomato Chutney, Potato Masala

Mee & Laksao Bro Jawe
  • Laksa Buyong, Laksa Sarawak, Laksam Kuala Kedah, Laksa Johor, Laksa Kelantan, Bihun Sup, Mee Jawa, Mee Bandung, Mee Rebus, Mee Kari

Ayam Percik Pak Mat Zin
  • Ayam Percik Pakai Lidi Buluh Sos Percik Merah

Sambal celup, belacan, budu, cincaluk, tempoyak & air assam 
Briyani Arab Al-Razik
  • Chicken / Lamb Mandey, tomato Chili Chutney & Yoghurt

Main Course
  • Pennel Bolognaise or Chicken Lasagna or Fussili Marinara
  • Rendang Paru or Opor Daging or Lamb Vindaloo
  • Kari Kepala Ikan or Jhingga marsala or Asam Pedas Kepala Ikan
  • Ayam Goreng Berempah or Puyuh Goreng Berempah or Hati Goreng Berempa
  • Steamed Fish or Sweet & Sour Fish or Asam Fish
  • Chicke Peas Masala or Vegetables Pakoras or Aloo Ghobi
  • Kangkung Belacang or Kailan Ikan Masin or Pajeri Terung
  • Mixed Vegetables

Untuk Adik Adik/ For the children and adults too
  • Himpunan Ais Krim Cedo, Ais Krim Malaysia
  • Ais Batu Campur
  • Cendol

Group photo session with some blogger friends and kid bloggers, also PR Ronald Chan. It was his last day on his day, thanks to him and the team Resorts World Genting for the hospitality.

Thank you Resorts World Genting for inviting us for Ramadhan buffet dinner at Rajawali Restaurant, Awana Hotel.
My sons and me, our background is swimming pool in Awana Hotel

If you like to dine at Rajawali Restaurant, they have offer more than 100 scrumptious spreads, featuring their signature recipes such as Sup Aneka, Rendang Tok, Kambing Panggang and Ikan Bakar. 

The totally unique and sumptuous berbuka puasa experience with your family and friends.
Price : RM88.00 adult
RM: 48.00 nett Children
RM60.00 nett Senior Citizen

If you have further enquiries or like to make reservation, you can call them at 03-6436 900 Ext: 7605/7675

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Can teacher simply cane children in class?

Just now I went to school to wait for son finished from class. Then I get him, he told that don't push up his pants to see because there's cane marks on his thigh almost near the knee area. It is not the first time the BM teacher hitting children in class. He has a bad behavior and many parents has complained about him but nothing being done by the school.

Son was hit by the teacher and he wasn't alone seem other classmate was hit by the teacher as well. The teacher used double cane, which mean it is not one cane but two canes together to cane. I called it double rotan, it is obvious can view the marks on his thigh. 

There is another incident in class that other parent told me that the teacher suddenly got upset and throw the marker pen and it hit the child's face. My son and his classmates witnessed the teacher bad behavior a time where the teacher throw the school's chair on the floor and the leg's of the chair breaks off and nearly hit one of the student in class, even next door teacher knew about it and their class teacher know about it. 

Sometimes this teacher very angry as he not able to hit the student, the student ran in the classroom and he needs to chase the student to hit. It's not the first time he destroy the school's property. The teacher did it again but kicking the cabinet in class and jam it as the class teacher came in class wanted to open the cabinet but cannot, students in class told her about it. Even next door teacher know about this teacher's behavior.

We want to know the truth why the teacher hitting children without a reason. It's time to speak up and voice up, whatever you can do about it. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The launch of Carrie Bac Buster the 1st Antibacterial Super Bodywash and Antibacterial Super Handwash

I attended the Launch of Carrie Bac Buster last week, it was held at KidZania Kuala Lumpur.
My sons are using the Carrie Junior and they are excited when they found out now there's Carrie Bac Buster, the 1st Antibacterial Super Bodywash and Antibacterial Super Handwash range.

Being parent of two boys, I know they are presence of harmful bacteria around us is a cause for concern especially for our children as it could compromise their healthy growth and development. Educating children on good hygiene is the best way to prevent the spread of infections and diseases.
Teaching and reminding our children the principles of proper hygiene can help keep them healthy.
During the event there's performance to see how CARRIE BAC BUSTER fights off the harmful bacteria with its BAC BUSTER power.
You can view my instagram
Video 1 and Video 2, click on the link to view the performance I recorded.

In the practice of personal hygiene, regular hand washing is most important for children. School going children spend a lot time out of home and away from parental supervision. They have many activities and interact with many people and environments. These acts expose them to harmful bacteria that may cause common illness like colds, flu, and gastroenteritis as well as skin and eye infections.

The group photo with the VIPS on stage.

With younger pre-schooler I have four years old that's in Kindergarten. I am sure parents and caregivers still bathe them and thus the adult or parent can ensure a proper clean up. With older kids, my son bathed independently, he takes time to bath to make sure that he's clean. If you have older children that likes to hurry through bathing, you might want to motivate them to clean thoroughly  is very important. 

Being parent, I am sure many parents like me are invariably concerned whether their children are washing up properly and whether the cleansing products are truly effective in totally removing harmful bacteria. This is where the solution provided by CARRIE, the leading premium children's personal care brand can really make a difference. 

CARRIE BAC BUSTER the 1st Antibacterial Super Bodywash and Antibacterial Super Handwash range specially formulated for children is now launched into the market in Malaysia.

The CARRIE BAC BUSTER range is available in fruity variant of Blasting Blueberry.

The CARRIE BAC BUSTER range products eliminates 99.9% harmful bacteria. 
Alcohol free, soap free and paraben free. 
CARRIE BAC BUSTER is clinically proven to be safe and gentle on children's skin. It also contains plant based moisturizers that help maintain skin moisture balance while ensuring children stay protected from harmful bacteria.

The CARRIE BAC BUSTER range is available in fruity variant of Smashing Strawberry.

CARRIE is launching this new range CARRIE BAC BUSTER the 1st antibacterial range of personal care products specially formulated for children age 7 years onwards.

The CARRIE BAC BUSTER range is available in fruity variant of Blasting Blueberry and Smashing Strawberry.

The CARRIE BAC BUSTER Antibacterial Super Bodywash retails at RM4.45 WM/ RM4.65 EM, RM10.20 WM/ RM10.70 EM for the 280gm and RM22.55 WM/ RM23.70 EM for the 700gm. 

The CARRIE BAC BUSTER Antibacterial Super Handwash retails at RM8.15 WM/RM8.55 RM for a 250gm bottle. Prices stated include 6% GST and the range is available at all hypermarkets, supermakets, leading pharmacy chains and other retail outlets near you.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pamper Yourself with The New Guardian Les Tentations Méditerranéennes Bath & Body Care Range

 Les Tentations Méditerranéennes Launch Party few days ago, I attended it, if you don't know about the Les Tentations Méditerranéennes click on the link to read more about it. The party was held at the Canvas, Damansara. 

 (From L-R) Ms Cheryl Young, Corporate Brand Marketing Manager, Group Health & Beauty Private Label, The Dairy Farm Group and Ms Elyse Lee, Senior Regional Business Manager, Group Health & Beauty Private Label, The Dairy Farm Group at Les Tentations Méditerranéennes Launch Party

Guardian, the largest pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in Malaysia introduced the Les Tentations Méditerranéennes Bath & Body Care range to fill the need for an affordable, premium product line that could bring the benefits of Mediterranean beauty secrets within reach, at a fun-filled Mediterranean-themed event.

The range allows consumers to indulge in the proven beauty culture and practice of the Mediterranean for luxurious yet affordable pampering in their daily beauty regimen.

Mediterranean countries are famed for the beauty of their people – clear skin, thick hair and a glow of good health that has been attributed to their strong beauty culture that harnesses the wealth of natural beauty secrets of botanicals available there.

According to Ms Elyse Lee, Senior Regional Business Manager, Group Health & Beauty Private Label, The Dairy Farm Group, “Consumers are increasingly well-informed and knowledgeable. They realize that the price is not an indicator of quality. We are delighted to introduce Les Tentations Méditerranéennes Bath and Body Care range to meet their need for luxurious premium pampering products that are enriched with eco-certified botanical extracts, affordable and dermatologically tested and proven making beauty and luxury within reach.”

Ms Evelyn Tay (left) showing the correct step on how to use Les Tentations Méditerranéennes body scrub
 Enriched with eco-certified botanical extracts from the Mediterranean coast, the range comprises of Shower Cream, Body Scrub, Body Lotion, Body Butter and Hand Cream and comes in three variants of Rose Water, Grape Seed Oil and Mimosa Water. It has no added harmful chemicals such as parabens, soap and lanolin and has been dermatologically tested and proven.

The Les Tentations Méditerranéennes Bath & Body Care range is ideal for fragrance layering starting with the shower cream for cleansing, the body scrub for exfoliating and the body products to seal in moisture, extend skin benefits and sustain a more intense, complex top-to-toe fragrance that will stay with you.
Les Tentations Méditerranéennes Rose Water Variant for Skin-Lightening & Moisturising

Rose Water Variant for Skin-Lightening & Moisturising
Featuring Italian Alpine Apple, Greek Pink Rockrose and Eco-Certified French Rose Water, this variant is excellent for skin-lightening and moisturising as French Rose Water is an excellent emollient to moisturise and care for mature and dry skin, Italian Alpine Apple contains oleic and linoleic fatty acids to effectively moisturise, nourish and refresh skin while the Greek Pink Rockrose helps to lighten and whiten skin.
This Rose Waster has the scent of rose that I likes, I am sure many woman like the smell of this too. 

Infused with rejuvenating scent of Rose, Mimosa and Sandalwood to bring the exotic Mediterranean indulgence to your delicate skin. For your information, this range also comes travel size kit.

Grape Seed Oil Variant for Anti-Aging & Skin-Renewal
With French Malt Barley, Albanian Sweet Violet and Eco-Certified Mediterranean Grape Seed Oil, this variant has anti-aging properties thanks to the powerful anti-oxidant properties of Resveratrol that is found in grape seed oil. Resveratrol helps to protect skin against external aggressions and helps fight against aging. The French Malt Barley is also high in anti-oxidants and helps to protect skin from the damage caused by free radicals while nourishing skin. Adding to the protective benefits is the Albanian Sweet Violet that moisturises, purifies and rejuvenates.
You can see my 4yrs old son also loves to help me to apply the lotion.

Infused with revitalising scent of Cassis, Woody and Vanilla to bring the exotic Mediterranean indulgence to your delicate skin.

Mimosa Water Variant for Soothing & Moisturising
With French Saffron, Spanish Licorice and Eco-Certified French Mimosa Water, this variant has anti-oxidant and skin-soothing properties. The Eco-Certified French Mimosa Water in this variant has been used for centuries for its skin soothing and regeneration properties. French Saffron, the most expensive spice in the world is rich in flavonoids, it also promotes radiant skin and helps to reduce the signs of aging while Spanish Licorice is traditionally used for its skin lightening, calming, soothing and refreshing benefits.

Infused with refreshing scent of Bergamot, Magnolia and Freesia to bring you the exotic Mediterranean indulgence to your delicate skin.

I am having this range of hand lotion for daily use, there's Rose Water for morning usage, Grape Seed oil for night usage, and Mimosa Water for night usage before going to sleep.

To celebrate the introduction of the Les Tentations Méditerranéennes Bath & Body Care Range, Guardian will be holding the ‘Greece Getaway’ contest with the main prize being a air tickets for two to Greece, worth more than RM10,000! There are also 20 consolation prizes of RM100 Guardian vouchers to be won.

To participate and stand a chance to win, consumers need only purchase any product from the Les Tentations Méditerranéennes Bath & Body Care Range and log on to The contest begins May 27th and will end on July 31st, 2015.

Pricing and Availability
The Les Tentations Méditerranéennes is available nationwide at all Guardian outlets and e-store at

Shower Cream 470ml at RM10.90, Body Scrub 200g at RM19.90, Body Lotion 300ml at RM19.90, Body Butter 250ml at RM19.90, Hand Cream 65ml at RM10.90 and Body Care Gift Set (Shower Cream 60ml, Body Scrub 50g and Body Lotion 60ml) at RM18.90.

About Guardian Malaysia
From a 200-sqft pharmaceutical retail outlet catering to the expatriate community to emerging as the leading Pharmacy, Health and Beauty retail chain in Malaysia, Guardian now operates a chain of over 400 stores, providing unrivalled variety of Pharmaceutical, Health and Beauty products to more than 2.5 million Malaysian customers a month, across the country.

Guardian’s commitment to its customers’ needs is also reflected in a dedicated team of pharmacists, who impart professional advice and consultation to customers. Committed to strong corporate governance, which upholds responsible and ethical dispensing at all times.

Guardian is also an advocate of corporate philanthropy and believes in giving back to the community. Guardian celebrates four decades of success by making a pledge to contribute to worthy causes by getting involved in the efforts that help to provide and promote the care, development and well-being of the local communities and supporting programs that are dedicated towards those in need namely, women and children.

About Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm is a leading pan-Asian retailer. At 30th June 2014, the Group and its associates and joint ventures operated over 5,800 outlets and employed over 100,000 people. It had total annual sales in 2013 exceeding US$12 billion.

The Group operates under a number of well-known brands across four divisions. The principal brands are:
* Supermarkets – Wellcome in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines, Cold Storage in Singapore and Malaysia, Giant in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei, Hero in Indonesia;
* Hypermarkets – Giant in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam;
* Convenience stores – 7-Eleven in Hong Kong, Singapore, Southern China and Macau;
Health and Beauty
* Mannings in Greater China and Guardian in the rest of Asia;
Home Furnishings
* IKEA in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia; and
* Maxim’s in Hong Kong, mainland China and Vietnam.

Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited is incorporated in Bermuda and has a standard listing on the London Stock Exchange as its primary listing, with secondary listings in Bermuda and Singapore. The Group’s businesses are managed from Hong Kong by Dairy Farm Management Services Limited through its regional offices. Dairy Farm is a member of the Jardine Matheson Group.