Monday, November 12, 2012

Are u winners of Peraduan Si Manja Ceria?

Do you remember the offline contest of Peraduan Si Manja Ceria? The contest ends on 31 August 2012. I have taken part this contest because my baby boy drinks this milk powder. I just received a call an hour ago that I have won milk powder and I can choose either Lactogen 3 or Lactogen 4. I aimed to win the Main Prize, Second Prize or the Third Prize. Well I guess my aim dropped to Consolation Prize. The Consolation Prize has total of 400 winners!

It is better than nothing right, at least I won something for my baby. I am happy to hear this news and it gives me a smile for today. Yeah things weren't going well in the day.

What brand of milk powder is your baby drinking? I do switch milk powder for my baby. He's super active now, he can climbed upstair, climbed on chair, anything that he has eye on he will wants to grab it. He's nothing like his eldest brother, he's not scare of thunder sound. Unlike his eldest brother he would be grab hold of me so hard and cried loudly because of the thunder sound.


  1. Selamat sejahtera,

    TAHNIAH! Anda salah seorang pemenang Giveaway

    Sila ke blog EZ sebelum 23/11/2012, Jumaat dan isikan details di contact form untuk urusan pengeposan hadiah.

    Terima kasih.



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